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Our Mission

Prescribe Change Allegany County’s mission is to create awareness and educate the citizens of Allegany County, Maryland about the growing crisis of opioid prescription drugs, fentanyl, and heroin misuse and abuse in our community.

At The State Level

View the Governor’s Initaitive Below!

Maryland’s Office of Overdose Response promotes collaboration across all state and local agencies working to address substance use and overdose in the state. We coordinate the inter-agency process to identify the state’s strategic priorities for preventing overdoses, and we work to promote the Governor’s policy agenda by focusing on programs and policies under five pillars: Prevention, Harm Reduction, Treatment, Recovery, and Public Safety.

At The Local Level

The Behavioral Health Services at the Allegany County Health Department manages the jurisdiction’s Opioid Misuse Prevention Program Grant which provides funding for strategies to address the opioid crisis in Allegany County.